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Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: Anonymous
Editor: David Bevington
Not Peer Reviewed

Der bestrafte Brudermord (Fratricide Punished)

Phantasmo, Ophelia.
Wherever I go or stay, that cracked girl runs after me from every corner. I can get not a moment's peace for her; she says continually that I'm her lover; and that's not true. If I could only hide where she couldn't find me! Oh, the devil's loose again; there she is once more!
Where can my sweetheart be? The rogue will not stay with me, he'd rather flee from me ? but see! there he is. Listen darling, I've been to the priest, and he will unite us this very day; I have made all ready for the wedding; and bought pullets, hares, meat, butter, cheese. Now there is nothing more wanting than for the musicians to play us to bed.
I can only say yes. Come then, we'll go to bed together.
No, no, my puppet, we must first go to church together, afterwards eat and drink, and then dance ? ah! how merry we shall be!
Ay, it will be very merry; three will eat off one plate.
What do you say? If you will not have me, I will not have you. [She strikes him.] There, there, is my dearest, he beckons me. Look there, what a beautiful suit he has on! Look, he wants to entice me to him, he throws me a lily and a rose; he wants to take me in his arms; he beckons me; I come, I come.
At close quarters she's lost her wits, but further off she's clean mad. I wish she were hanged, and then the carrion could not pester me so.