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Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Not Peer Reviewed

Henry VI, Part 2 (Quarto 1, 1594)

Houses, of Yorke and Lancaster.
The Commons againe cries, downe with Suffolke downe
1952.1 with Suffolke. And then enter from them, the Earle of
1955Salb. My Lord, the Commons sends you word by me,
That vnlesse false Suffolke here be done to death,
Or banished faire Englands Territories,
That they will erre from your highnesse person,
1960They say by him the good Duke Humphrey died,
They say by him they feare the ruine of the realme.
1961.1And therefore if you loue your subiects weale,
They wish you to banish him from foorth the land.
Suf. Indeed tis like the Commons rude vnpolisht hinds
1985Would send such message to their soueraigne,
But you my Lord were glad to be imployd,
To trie how quaint an Orator you were,
But all the honour Salsbury hath got,
Is, that he was the Lord Embassador
1990Sent from a sort of Tinkers to the King.
The Commons cries, an answere from the King,
my Lord of Salsbury.
King. Good Salsbury go backe againe to them,
Tell them we thanke them all for their louing care,
1995And had I not bene cited thus by their meanes,
My selfe had done it. Therefore here I sweare,
If Suffolke be found to breathe in any place,
Where I haue rule, but three daies more, he dies.
2002.1Exet Salisbury.
Queene. Oh Henry, reuerse the doome of gentle Suffolkes ba-
King. Vngentle Queene to call him gentle Suffolke,
2005Speake not for him, for in England he shall not rest,
If I say, I may relent, but if I sweare, it is erreuocable.
Come good Warwicke and go thou in with me,
For I haue great matters to impart to thee.
2013.1Exet King and VVarwicke, Manet Queene
and Suffolke.
Queene. Hell fire and vengeance go along with you,
Theres two of you, the diuell make the third,