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Shakespeare in Performance: Stage Production

Hamlet (1976, Stratford Festival of Canada)

Theater CompanyStratford Festival of Canada
Release LocationsCanada
Start Date1976-06-07
End Date1976-09-25
Play ConnectionsHamlet (performance)

Cast Overview

MarcellusVictor A. Young
CorneliusBill Ballantyne
PlayerBill Ballantyne
GuildensternPaul Batten
Pall BearerPaul Batten
Gertrude (a)Pat Bentley-Fisher
Lady to Ophelia (b)Pat Bentley-Fisher
Court LadyBarbara Budd
SailorPaul Butt
PlayerPaul Butt
Court AttendantPaul Butt
FranciscoPaul Butt
Pall BearerPaul Butt
1st PlayerGraeme Campbell
GhostGraeme Campbell
OsricRichard Curnock
PoloniusEric Donkin
Lady to Ophelia (a)Pat Galloway
Gertrude (b)Pat Galloway
VoltemandJohn Goodlin
PriestJohn Goodlin
BernardoDon Hunkin
CaptainDon Hunkin
ClaudiusMichael Liscinsky
OpheliaMarti Maraden
Pall BearerWilliam Merton Malmo
PlayerWilliam Merton Malmo
Court AttendantWilliam Merton Malmo
2nd GravediggerWilliam Merton Malmo
Hamlet (a)Richard Monette
Pall BearerRobert More
RosencrantzRobert More
Player QueenRobin Nunn
ReynaldoRobin Nunn
MusicianRichard Partington
LaertesRichard Partington
Hamlet (b)Nicholas Pennell
HoratioStephen Russell
Court LadyMelody Ryane
LucianusJack Wetherall
Court AttendantJack Wetherall
FortinbrasJack Wetherall
Court AttendantRichard Whelan
1st GravediggerRichard Whelan

Production Team and Crew Overview

DirectorWilliam Hutt
DirectorRobin Phillips
DesignerJohn Pennoyer
Set DesignerDaphne Dare
Fight ArrangerPatrick Crean
Stage ManagerPeter Roberts
Light DesignerGil Wechsler
Music byBerthold Carriere

Company Overview

Theater Company Stratford Festival of Canada

Production information courtesy of: Alan Somerset