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Internet Shakespeare Editions

Shakespeare in Performance: Stage Production

Twelfth Night (1957, Stratford Festival of Canada)

TitleTwelfth Night
Theater CompanyStratford Festival of Canada
Release LocationsCanada
Start Date1957-07-02
End Date1957-09-07
Play ConnectionsTwelfth Night (performance)

Cast Overview

ViolaSiobhan McKenna
OrsinoLloyd Bochner
OliviaFrances Hyland
FesteBruno Gerussi
Sir Toby BelchDouglas Campbell
Sir Andrew AguecheekChristopher Plummer
MalvolioDouglas Rain
FabianBill Cole
MariaAmelia Hall
SebastianTed Follows
AntonioTony van Bridge
Sea CaptainMax Helpmann
PriestGeorge McCowan
SailorJohn Ruta
SailorClaude Thibault
Officer of the WatchMervyn Blake
MusicianAudrey Conroy
MusicianEdward Oscapella
MusicianGordon Scott
MusicianCampbell Trowsdale
Attendant to OliviaAraby Lockhart
Attendant to OliviaMarcia Morris
WatchmanAlfred Euringer
GentlemanJohn Gardiner
WatchmanPeter Hale
GentlemanJohn Horton
GentlemanJeremy Wilkin

Production Team and Crew Overview

DirectorTyrone Guthrie
DesignerTanya Moiseiwitsch
Music byJohn Cook

Company Overview

Theater Company Stratford Festival of Canada

Production information courtesy of: Alan Somerset