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Shakespeare in Performance: Stage Production

The Taming of the Shrew (1962, Stratford Festival of Canada)

TitleThe Taming of the Shrew
Theater CompanyStratford Festival of Canada
Release LocationsCanada
Start Date1962-06-19
End Date1962-09-13
Play ConnectionsThe Taming of the Shrew (performance)

Cast Overview

KatherineKate Reid
BiancaToby Robins
BaptistaMervyn Blake
VincentioNorman Welsh
LucentioGarrick Hagon
PetruchioJohn Colicos
GremioWilliam Needles
HortensioPeter Donat
TranioBernard Behrens
BiondelloLewis Gordon
GrumioEric Christmas
CurtisJohn Vernon
PedantJoseph Shaw
LordLeo Ciceri
Christopher SlyHugh Webster
HostJames Peddie
HostessMary Savidge
PageBob Nisbet
HuntsmanAl Kozlik
HuntsmanAnthony Zerbe
WidowMary Savidge
TailorAl Kozlik
HaberdasherJames Peddie
Servant to BaptistaLouis Negin
GroomLen Cariou
Walter SugarsopLen Cariou
ChambermaidDinah Christie
ChoirboyPaul Davey
ChambermaidAngela Fusco
ChoirboyGleave Harris
MusicianTerry Helmer
GregoryTed Hodgeman
GroomTed Hodgeman
MusicianEli Kassner
NathanielGary Krawford
GroomGary Krawford
ChoirboyTom Murray
PhilipLouis Negin
AdamAdrian Pecknold
FootmanGordon Pinsent
MusicianEarl Riener
RafeJoseph Rutten
ChoirboyMurray Scott
ChoirboyPaul Shaw
ChoirboyDonald Shipley
FootmanJohn Watts

Production Team and Crew Overview

DirectorMichael Langham
DesignerTanya Moiseiwitsch
Music byJohn Cook

Company Overview

Theater Company Stratford Festival of Canada

Production information courtesy of: Alan Somerset