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Shakespeare in Performance: Stage Production

The Taming of the Shrew (1979, Stratford Festival of Canada)

TitleThe Taming of the Shrew
Theater CompanyStratford Festival of Canada
Release LocationsCanada
Start Date1979-07-01
End Date1979-10-07
Play ConnectionsThe Taming of the Shrew (performance)

Cast Overview

KatherineMargot Dionne
BiancaAlicia Jeffery
BaptistaMaurice Good
VincentioPhilip J. Craig
LucentioRichard Hardacre
PetruchioGraeme Campbell
GremioLewis Gordon
HortensioStewart Arnott
TranioDean Hawes
BiondelloFrancois-Regis Klanfer
GrumioTom Wood
CurtisJohn Lambert
PedantDavid Stein
ServantDavid Holmes
ServantWilliam Merton Malmo
ServantRobert Ouellette
ServantStephen Ouimette
WidowEdda Gaborek
TailorLeRoy Schulz
HaberdasherDavid Holmes

Production Team and Crew Overview

DirectorPamela Hawthorne
DesignerJohn Pennoyer
ChoreographerBarrie Wood
Stage ManagerColleen Stephenson
Light DesignerHarry Frehner
Music byRichard Bronskill

Company Overview

Theater Company Stratford Festival of Canada

Production information courtesy of: Alan Somerset