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Shakespeare in Performance: Stage Production

Henry IV, Part II (2014, Colorado Shakespeare Festival)

TitleHenry IV, Part II
Theater CompanyColorado Shakespeare Festival
Release LocationsUSA
Start Date2014-07-23
End Date2014-08-03
Play ConnectionsHenry IV, Part 2 (original practices)

Cast Overview

PoinsIan Anderson
Thomas WartBenaiah Anderson
Thomas of ClarenceBenaiah Anderson
Ralph MouldyJoshua Archer
Lord John of LancasterJoshua Archer
Archbishop of York Richard ScroopScott Allen Bellot
Humphrey of GloucesterDavid Bolus
Francis FeebleDavid Bolus
Prince HalBenjamin Bonenfant
NorthumberlandRobert Buckley
Earl of WarwickRobert Buckley
King HenrySam Gregory
Lord Chief JusticePeter Simon Hilton
Sir John ColevileEddy Jordan
Peter BullcalfEddy Jordan
Justice Robert ShallowGeoffrey Kent
FangGeoffrey Kent
PistolSammie Joe Kinnett
Lord Thomas MowbrayRodney Lizcano
Mistress QuicklyTammy L. Meneghini
Falstaff's PageBrendan Milove
RumorBrendan Milove
Earl of WestmerlandVanessa Mandeville Morosco
Justice SilenceSam Sandoe
BardolphSam Sandoe
Sir John FalstaffMichael Winters

Production Team and Crew Overview

DirectorTimothy Orr
Assistant DirectorKaily Anderson
Costume DesignerHugh Hanson
Lighting DesignerJason Banks
Sound DesignerJason Ducat
Casting DirectorSylvia Gregory
Technical DirectorNicholas Fouch
Stage ManagerPaul Behrhorst
Assistant Stage ManagerKristen Littlepage
Production ManagerBenjamin D. Seibert
Scenic DesignerCaitlin Ayer
DramaturgAmanda Giguere
Wardrobe SupervisorKatie Horney
DramaturgHadley Kamminga-Peck
Costume Shop ManagerBrenda King
DramaturgDemitra Papadinis

Company Overview

Theater Company Colorado Shakespeare Festival

Production information courtesy of: Jim Volz Jasmeen Boparai