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Internet Shakespeare Editions

Shakespeare in Performance: Stage Production

Cymbeline (2012, Annapolis Shakespeare Company)

Theater CompanyAnnapolis Shakespeare Company
Release LocationsUSA
Audiencegeneral public
Play ConnectionsCymbeline (performance)
SettingMedieval Fantasy

Cast Overview

IachimoJoshua Boulden
Second LordJoshua Boulden
Prince ArviragusJoshua Boulden
EnsembleJim Cason
CorneliusMartin Hayes
PhilarioMartin Hayes
Lord ClotenJoey Ibanez
Posthumus LeonatusJoey Ibanez
Lord BelariusMaria Jung
EnsembleSolveig Moe
Lady HelenSolveig Moe
Ghost of Posthumus' MotherSolveig Moe
PisanioMichael Pimpo
General Caius LuciusMichael Pimpo
EnsembleCaleb Pimpo
Prince GuideriusMichael Pimpo
QueenDarlene Rocco
Roman CaptainSlater Scarborough
EnsembleSlater Scarborough
EnsembleNicholas Smith
FrenchmanNicholas Smith
First LordNicholas Smith
Sicilius LeonatusNicholas Smith
EnsembleMelanie Stagnaro
Princess ImogenMadeleine Stevens
King CymbelineRick Wade

Production Team and Crew Overview

Set DesignerSally Boyett-D'Angelo
DirectorSally Boyett-D'Angelo
Rehearsal AssistantAlyssa Bouma
Costume DesignerMaggie Cason
Lighting DesignerGarrett Hyde
MusicJonathan Boulden
Fight CaptainJoshua Boulden
Fight ChoreographerPaul E. Hope
Assistant Technical DirectorJoshua Boulden
Technical DirectorGarrett Hyde
Production Stage ManagerLiza Hackman
Assistant Stage ManagerElena Hein
Assistant Stage ManagerJoshua Smith
Assistant Stage ManagerAmerins Tolman
Vocal CoachNancy Krebs
Wardrobe MistressMaggie Cason
DresserSophia Moe
Light Board OperatorNoah Diekemper
Sound TechnicianWally Kleinfelder
SoundMatt McConnell
Musical DirectorJoshua Boulden
TechnicianAl Chopey
Master ElectricianPeter Dursin

Company Overview

Theater Company Annapolis Shakespeare Company