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Internet Shakespeare Editions

Shakespeare in Performance: Stage Production

Pericles (2001, Shakespeare in Santa Fe)

Theater CompanyShakespeare in Santa Fe
Release LocationsUSA
Start Date2001-06-29
End Date2001-08-19
Play ConnectionsPericles (performance)
SettingVarious Mediterranean Countries
Media Collections

Cast Overview

AntiochusGreg Thornton
AntiochaJoy Mills
PericlesBill Christ
HelicanusMarty Boswell
ThaliardEnver Gjokaj
CleonPaul Walsky
DionyzaSuzanne Lederer
SimonidesRay Reinhardt
ThaisaCorliss Preston
MarinaJessica Turner
LychoridaJoy Mills
LysimachusGreg Thornton
CerimonMario Cabrera
PanderRay Reinhardt
BoultMarty Boswell
The BawdMario Cabrera
KnightJoseph Pacheco Ponce
Sailor of TyreJoseph Pacheco Ponce
PirateNicholas Gallegos
PirateEnver Gjokaj
FishermanPaul Walsky
MessengerNicholas Gallegos
Musician (Accordian, Guitar, Dulcimer)Mary Outten
Musician (Percussion)Jeff Sussmann
Musician (Flute, Mandolin, Saxaphone)Pamela Van Kirk
Musician (Cello)Eric Walters

Production Team and Crew Overview

Artistic DirectorRachel Kelly
DirectorNagle Jackson
Costume DesignerDeborah Brunson
Scenic DesignerRosario Provenza
LightingIsaac Chavez
Music ComposerMary Outten
Managing DirectorJaney Potts
Stage ManagerKathy Gruber Gantos
Principal Stage DirectorNagle Jackson
Scenic ArtistMelissa Burkhardt
PropertiesJim Guy

Company Overview

Theater Company Shakespeare in Santa Fe

Production information courtesy of: Shakespeare in Santa Fe