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How to Join the Shakespeare Calendar

About the Calendar

The Shakespeare Calendar brings together notices of performances of Shakespeare's plays from all participating theaters and festivals.

Theater companies enter details about upcoming performances: dates, a short blurb about the play, and the names of the actors and crew. A month before the first performance the production will then automatically appear on the Calendar, and will remain until the day of the final curtain.

Companies are invited to upload graphics and promotional videos of their performances. These will be added to the database by our assistants, and will form a permanent record of the production.

Companies will also be asked to enter information about the theater (or theaters) in which the plays will be performed.

How to sign up for the Calendar

Please send us an email requesting a user id and password. When you receive them, you will also receive a link to the input page for our database, customized for your input, and a brief "how-to" file.