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Romeo and Juliet, UVic 1998


Creative team

Director Linda Hardy
Costume Designer Mary Kerr
Set Designer Jeremy Gordaneer
Lighting Designer Alan Brodie
Sound Design and Music Consultant Robert Holliston
Sound Design and Co ordination Ryan Sheeley
Fight Choreographer Nicholas Harrison
Dance Choreographer Kelly Arnsby
Stage Manager Pamela Bethel
Assistant Director and Fight Captain Paul Donison
Assistant Costume Designer Linda Walker
Ball Headdress Designer Nicole Meeson
Assistant Lighting Designer Larissa Beardmore

The setting: Modern Day
 There will be one 15 minute intermission


Chorus/Old Capulet Mary Simpson
Escalus, Prince of Verona/Man in Mantua Gerry Turple
Paris James Hallam
Montague/Man in Mantua Alex Robertson
Capulet Cam Culham
Romeo Scott Williams
Mercutio Michael Armstrong
Benvolio/Man in Mantua Greg Landucci
Tybalt/Brawler Jeffrey Fisher
Friar Lawrence/Singer Paul Donison
Lady Montague/Rosaline/Sister Joanna Helen Devine
Balthasar/Martial Arts Student Jeff Kluge
Sampson/Martial Arts Student/Man in Mantua Geoff Chapman
Gregory/Sensei/Night Watch/Brawler Michael G. Costa
Peter/Security Guard Jeff Glenn
Abram/Transvestite Rob Robinson
Apothecary/Security Guard/Delinquent/Night Watch/Martial Arts Student Drew Williams
Security Guard/Party Guest/Prostitute/Chief Night Watch/Devotional Lady/Martial Arts Student Michelle Addison
Security Guard/Party Guest/Prostitute/Martial Arts Student Christina Cicko
Lady Capulet Krista McKeachie
Juliet Mairi Babb
Nurse to Juliet Elisabeth Dent
Page to Paris/Martial Arts Student Brodie Stevenson
Party Guest/Devotional Lady/Ambulance Attendant/Prostitute/Servant Heather Young
Party Guest/Devotional Lady/ Ambulance Attendant/Prostitute/Servant/Woman in Mantua Celine E. Stubel
Female Singer Aurora Faulkner-Killam*

* Guest from the School of Music

Production team

Production Manager Bert Timmermans*
Technical Director Steve Vrooman*
Assistant Stage Managers Alison Latimer, Melissa Robertson
Electrician Keith Houghton
Lighting Board Operator Peter Booth
Sound Board Operator Janna Lopez
Head of Scenic Construction Charles Procure*
Assistant Carpenters Renee Steward-Smith, Madeline Oudendarg
Properties David Owen Lucas
Head of Wardrobe/Cutter Karla D. Stout*
Assistant Cutter and Production Assistance Joanne Stichbury
Assistant Head of Wardrobe Heather Young
Co ordinating Wardrobe Supervisor Valerie Houle
Wardrobe Supervisor Katherine Van Der Gracht
Headdress Production Assistants Ariel Buchan, Dorito Henriques, Heather Libby, Janna Lopez, Allison Mayert
Vocal Coaches Leslie D. Bland*, Richard Stille*
Dressers Lavinia Hollands, Emma Routledge, Laura Moore, Anne Dupree, Mandy Wood
Theatre Manager Bindon Kinghorn*
Communications/Program Marnie Crowe*
Communications Assistants Shelley Dusterbeck, Jessie Hill
Lobby Display Heather Libby, Shelley Dusterbeck, Jessie Hill
Graphic Designs Jeremy Gordaneer, Erin Macklem
Photography Don Pierce
Front of House Supervisor/Box Office Manager Catherine Anderson*
Front of House Managers Bronwyn Glover, Amy Rees
Box Office Jackie Adamthwaite, Jennifer Ault, Mike Costa, Robin Collins, Shelley Dusterbeck, Jeff Glenn, Bronwyn Glover, Sheila Leigh, Lesley O'Connor, Kim Pinel
Opening Night Reception Jennifer Ault, Robin Collins
Opening Night Bar University Food Services

* Theatre Department Instructors