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The Theater section is devoted to the performance of Shakespeare.

The Shakespeare in Performance database includes full descriptions of Shakespeare on film, as well as illustrations of historical performances and representative collections of modern productions.

The ISE Performance Chronicle features reviews of current productions. We are always looking for new reviewers, and anyone can create an account to add comments or write their own review.

Shakespeare in Performance

Our Shakespeare in Performance database provides an innovative, searchable resource that appeals to actors, directors, students, scholars, and Shakespeare theatergoers. Although we focus on North American productions, we have worldwide contributors from Australia to Germany. The database also includes graphic illustrations of the plays from earlier periods.

Film entries in Shakespeare in Performance originated, with permission, in the important work by Kenneth Rothwell, Shakespeare on Screen: An International Filmography and Videography (New York: Neal-Schuman, 1990).

Reviews of current productions of Shakespeare

Visit the ISE Performance Chronicle to see reviews of recent productions, to comment on reviews you see there, or to create your own review. We are always looking for new reviewers. To contribute to the site, you must first create a logon identity and a password. Please email for more information.

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