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Internet Shakespeare Editions

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A List of Texts by Version (Quarto and Folio)

Listings are also available by alphabetical arrangement and by chronology.

As originally published, Shakespeare's plays include several in which there are significant differences between the quarto versions -- most published in Shakespeare's lifetime -- and those published in the First Folio, seven years after his death. In other cases the Folio text was simply printed from a copy of the quarto, and there is a group of eighteen plays that were published in the Folio for the first time. Some quarto texts are so radically different from their Folio counterparts that they have been called "bad" quartos, though recent scholarship has suggested that these texts often provide unique insights into the actual performance of the plays.

To complicate things further, some quartos are "good" in that they appear to represent different states of the plays rather than inaccurate recording of them, but they differ markedly from the Folio versions. The listing that follows makes no attempt to distinguish "bad" from "good," but does indicate those texts in which there is a marked difference between quarto and Folio.