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Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Hardy M. Cook
Peer Reviewed

Venus and Adonis (Quarto 1, 1592-3)

He sees her comming, and begins to glow:
Euen as a dying coale reuiues with winde,
And with his bonnet hides his angrie brow,
340Lookes on the dull earth with disturbed minde:
Taking no notice that she is so nye,
For all askance he holds her in his eye.
O what a sight it was wistly to view,
How she came stealing to the wayward boy,
345To note the fighting conflict of her hew,
How white and red, ech other did destroy:
But now her cheeke was pale, and by and by
It flasht forth fire, as lightning from the skie.
Now was she iust before him as he sat,
350And like a lowly louer downe she kneeles,
VVith one faire hand she heaueth vp his hat,
Her other tender hand his faire cheeke feeles:
His tendrer cheeke, receiues her soft hands print,
As apt, as new falne snow takes any dint.
355Oh what a war of lookes was then betweene them,
Her eyes petitioners to his eyes suing,
His eyes saw her eyes, as they had not seene them,
Her eyes wooed still, his eyes disdaind the wooing:
And all this dumbe play had his acts made plain,
360VVith tears which Chorus-like her eyes did rain.
Full gently now she takes him by the hand,
A lillie prisond in a gaile of snow,
Or Iuorie in an allablaster band,
So white a friend, ingirts so white a fo:
365This beautious combat wilfull, and vnwilling,
Showed like two siluer doues that sit a billing.