Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: W. L. Godshalk
Peer Reviewed

Troilus and Cressida (Quarto 1, 1609)

of Troylus and Cresseida.
being wonne, they are burres I can tell you, theyle sticke
where they are throwne.
Cres. Bouldnesse comes to me now and brings me heart:
1745Prince Troylus I haue loued you night and day, for many
weary moneths.
Troy: Why was my Cressid then so hard to wyn?
Cres: Hard to seeme wonne: but I was wonne my Lord
With the first glance; that euer pardon me
1750If I confesse much you will play the tyrant,
I loue you now, but till now not so much
But I might maister it; in faith I lye,
My thoughts were like vnbrideled children grone
Too headstrong for their mother: see wee fooles,
1755VVhy haue I blab'd: who shall be true to vs
VVhen we are so vnsecret to ourselues.
But though I loue'd you well, I woed you not,
And yet good faith I wisht my selfe a man;
Or that we women had mens priuiledge
1760Of speaking first. Sweete bid me hold my tongue,
For in this rapture I shall surely speake
The thing I shall repent: see see your sylence
Comming in dumbnesse, from my weaknesse drawes
My very soule of councell. Stop my mouth.
1765Troy: And shall, albeit sweet musique issues thence.
Pand. Pretty yfaith.
Cres. My Lord I doe beseech you pardon me,
Twas not my purpose thus to begge a kisse:
I am asham'd; O Heauens what haue I done!
1770For this time will I take my leaue my Lord.
Troy: Your leaue sweete Cressid:
Pan: Leaue: and you take leaue till to morrow morning.
Cres: Pray you content you. Troy:What offends you Lady?
Cres. sir mine own company.
Troy: You cannot shun your selfe.
Cres: Let me goe and try:
I haue a kind of selfe recids with you:
1780But an vnkinde selfe, that it selfe will leaue,
To be anothers foole. I would be gone: