Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: W. L. Godshalk
Peer Reviewed

Troilus and Cressida (Quarto 1, 1609)

The history
The wife I choose, there can be no euasion,
To blench from this and to stand firme by honor,
We turne not backe the silkes vpon the marchant
1055When we haue soild them, nor the remainder viands,
We do not throw in vnrespectue siue,
Because we now are full, it was thought meete
Pa is should do some vengeance on the Greekes.
Your breth with full consent bellied his sailes,
1060The seas and winds (old wranglers) tooke a ttuce:
And did him seruice, hee toucht the ports desir'd,
And for an old aunt whom the Greekes held Captiue,
He brought a Grecian Queene, whose youth and freshnesse,
Wrincles Apolloes, and makes pale the morning.
1065Why keepe we her? the Grecians keepe our Aunt,
Is she worth keeping? why shee is a pearle,
Whose price hath lansh't aboue a thousand ships:
And turn'd crown'd Kings to Marchants,
If youle auouch twas wisdome Paris went,
1070As you must needs, for you all cri'd go, go,
If youle confesse be brought home worthy prize:
As you must needs, for you all, clapt your hands,
And cry'd inestimable: why do you now
The yssue of your proper wisdomes rate,
1075And do a deed that neuer fortune did,
Begger the estimation, which you priz'd
Ritcher then sea and land? O theft most base,
That wee haue stolne, what we do feare to keepe,
But theeues vnworthy of a thing so stolne:
1080That in their country did them that disgrace,
We feare to warrant in our natiue place.
Enter Cassandra rauing.
Cass. Cry Troyans cry:
1085Priam. What noise? what shrike is this?
Troy. Tis our madde sister I do know her voice,
Cass. Cry Troyans. Hect.It is Crssandra!
Cass. Cry Troyans cry, lend me ten thousand eyes,
1090And I will fill them with prophetick teares.
Hect. Peace sister peace.