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Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Erin Sadlack
Peer Reviewed

Romeo and Juliet (Quarto 2, 1599)

of Romeo and Iuliet.
On Thursday next be married to this Countie.
2345Iu. Tell me not Frier, that thou hearest of this,
Vnlesse thou tell me, how I may preuent it:
If in thy wisedome thou canst giue no helpe,
Do thou but call my resolution wise,
And with this knife ile helpe it presently.
2350God ioynd my heart, and Romeos thou our hands
And ere this hand by thee to Romeos seald:
Shall be the Labell to an other deed,
Or my true heart with trecherous reuolt,
Turne to an other, this shall sley them both:
2355Therefore out of thy long experienst time,
Giue me some present counsell, or behold
Twixt my extreames and me, this bloudie knife
Shall play the vmpeere, arbitrating that,
Which the commission of thy yeares and art,
2360Could to no issue of true honour bring:
Be not so long to speake, I long to die,
If what thou speakst, speake not of remedie.
Fri. Hold daughter, I do spie a kind of hope,
Which craues as desperate an execution,
2365As that is desperate which we would preuent.
If rather then to marrie Countie Paris
Thou hast the strength of will to stay thy selfe,
Then is it likely thou wilt vndertake
A thing like death to chide away this shame,
2370That coapst with death, himselfe to scape from it:
And if thou darest, Ile giue thee remedie.
Iu. Oh bid me leape, rather then marrie Paris,
From of the battlements of any Tower,
Or walke in theeuish wayes, or bid me lurke
2375Where Serpents are: chaine me with roaring Beares,
Or hide me nightly in a Charnel house,
Orecouerd quite with dead mens ratling bones,
With reekie shanks and yealow chapels sculls:
Or bid me go into a new made graue,
2380And hide me with a dead man in his,
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