Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Erin Sadlack
Peer Reviewed

Romeo and Juliet (Quarto 2, 1599)

The most lamentable Tragedie
Alla stucatho carries it away,
Tibalt, you ratcatcher, will you walke?
Tib. What wouldst thou haue with me?
M. Good King of Cats, nothing but one of your nine liues,
1510that I meane to make bold withall, and as you shall vse mee
hereafter drie beate the rest of the eight. Will you plucke your
sword out of his pilcher by the eares? Make haste, least mine be
about your eares ere it be out.
Tib. I am for you.
1515Rom. Gentle Mercutio, put thy Rapier vp.
Mer. Come sir, your Passado.
Rom. Draw Benuolio, beate downe their weapons,
Gentlemen, for shame forbeare this outrage,
Tibalt,Mercutio, the Prince expresly hath
1520Forbid this bandying in Verona streetes,
Hold Tybalt, good Mercutio.

Away Tybalt.

Mer. I am hurt.
A plague a both houses, I am sped,
1525Is he gone and hath nothing.
Ben. What art thou hurt?
Mer. I, I, a scratch, a scratch, marrie tis inough,
Where is my Page? go villaine, fetch a Surgion.
Ro. Courage man, the hurt cannot be much.
1530 Mer. No tis not so deepe as a well, nor so wide as a Church
doore, but tis inough, twill serue: aske for me to morrow, and you
shall finde me a graue man. I am peppered I warrant, for this
world, a plague a both your houses, sounds a dog, a rat, a mouse,
a cat, to scratch a man to death: a braggart, a rogue, a villaine,
1535that fights by the booke of arithmatick, why the deule came you
betweene vs? I was hurt vnder your arme.
Ro. I thought all for the best.
Mer. Helpe me into some house Benuolio,