Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Erin Sadlack
Peer Reviewed

Romeo and Juliet (Quarto 2, 1599)

The most lamentable Tragedie
My back a tother side, a my backe, my backe:
Beshrewe your heart for sending me about
To catch my death with iaunsing vp and downe.
Iu. Ifaith I am sorrie that thou art not well.
1365Sweete, sweete, sweete Nurse, tell me what sayes my loue?
Nur. Your loue sayes like an honest gentleman,
And a Courteous, and a kinde, and a handsome,
And I warrant a vertuous, where is your mother?
Iu. Where is my mother, why she is within, wher shuld she be?
How odly thou repliest:
Your loue sayes like an honest gentleman,
Where is your mother?
Nur. O Gods lady deare,
1375Are you so hot, marrie come vp I trow,
Is this the poultis for my aking bones:
Henceforward do your messages your selfe.
Iu. Heres such a coyle, come what saies Romeo?
Nur. Haue you got leaue to go to shrift to day?
1380Iu. I haue.
Nur. Then high you hence to Frier Lawrence Cell,
There stayes a husband to make you a wife:
Now comes the wanton bloud vp in your cheekes,
Theile be in scarlet straight at any newes:
1385Hie you to Church, I must an other way,
To fetch a Ladder by the which your loue
Must climbe a birds neast soone when it is darke,
I am the drudge, and toyle in your delight:
But you shall beare the burthen soone at night.
1390Go ile to dinner, hie you to the Cell.
Iuli. Hie to high fortune,honest Nurse farewell.
Enter Frier and Romeo.
Fri. So smile the heauens vpon this holy act,
That after houres, with sorrow chide vs not.
1395Ro. Amen, amen, but come what sorrow can,
It cannot counteruaile the exchange of ioy