Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Adrian Kiernander
Peer Reviewed

Richard the Third (Quarto 1, 1597)

of Richard the third.
1230Kin. Haue I a tongue to doome my brothers death,
And shall the same giue pardon to a slaue?
My brother slew no man, his fault was thought,
And yet his punishment was cruell death.
Who sued to me for him? who in my rage,
1235Kneeld at my feete and bad me be aduisde?
Who spake of Brotherhood? who of loue?
Who told me how the poore soule did forsake
The mighty Warwicke, and did fight for me:
Who tolde me in the field by Teuxbery,
1240When Oxford had me downe, he rescued me,
And said deare brother, liue and be a King?
Who told me when we both lay in the field,
Frozen almost to death, how he did lappe me
Euen in his owne garments, and gaue himselfe
1245All thin and naked to the numbcold night?
All this from my remembrance brutish wrath
Sinfully puckt, and not a man of you
Had so much grace to put it in my minde.
But when your carters, or your waighting vassailes
1250Haue done a drunken slaughter, and defaste
The pretious image of oure deare Redeemer,
You straight are on your knees for pardon pardon,
And I vniustly too, must grant it you:
But for my brother, not a man would speake,
1255Nor I vngratious speake vnto my selfe,
For him poore soule: The proudest of you all
Haue beene beholding to him in his life:
Yet none of you would once pleade for his life:
Oh God I feare thy Iustice will take hold
1260On me, and you, and mine, and yours for this.
Come Hastings help me to my closet, oh poore Clarence,
Glo. This is the fruit of rashnes: markt you not
How that the guilty kindred of the Queene,
1265Lookt pale when they did heare of Clarence death?
Oh they did vrge it still vnto the King,
God will reuenge it. But come lets in
To comfort Edward with our company.