Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Catherine Lisak
Peer Reviewed

Richard II (Quarto 1, 1597)

The Tragedie of
Our towne of Ciceter in Gloucestershire,
But whether they be tane or slaine we heare not.
Enter Northumberland.
Welcome my Lord, what is the newes?
2800North. First to thy sacred state wish I all happinesse,
The next newes is, I haue to London sent
The heades of Oxford, Salisbury, Blunt and Kent,
The maner of their taking may appeare
At large discoursed in this paper heere.
2805King We thanke thee gentle Percie for thy paines,
And to thy woorth will adde right worthy gaines.
Enter Lord Fitzwaters.
Fitz. My Lord, I haue from Oxford sent to London
The heads of Broccas, and sir Benet Seely,
2810Two of the daungerous consorted traitors,
That sought at Oxford thy dire ouerthrow.
king Thy paines Fitz. shall not be forgot,
Right noble is thy merit well I wot.
Enter H Percie.
2815Percie The grand conspirator Abbot of Westminster
With clog of conscience and sowre melancholy
Hath yeelded vp his body to the graue.
But here is Carleil liuing, to abide
Thy kingly doome, and sentence of his pride.
2820king Carleil, this is your doome;
Choose out some secret place, some reuerent roome
More than thou hast, and with it ioy thy life:
So as thou liu'st in peace, die free from strife,
For though mine enemy thou hast euer beene,
2825High sparkes of honour in thee haue I seene.

Enter Exton with the coffin.
Exton Great King, within this co{ffi}n I present
Thy buried feare: herein all breathlesse lies
The mightiest of thy greatest enemies,
2830Richard of Burdeaux, by me hither brought.
king Exton, I thanke thee not, for thou hast wrought