Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Catherine Lisak
Peer Reviewed

Richard II (Quarto 1, 1597)

The Tragedie of
Who weake with age cannot support my selfe,
Now comes the sicke houre that his surfet made,
Now shall he trie his friends that flatterd him.
Seruingman My Lord, your son was gone before I came.
Yorke He was; why so go all which way it will:
The nobles they are fled, the commons they are colde,
And will (I feare) reuolton Herefords side.
1045Sirra, get thee to Plashie to my sister Glocester,
Bid her send me presently a thousand pound,
Hold take my ring.
Seruingman My Lord, I had forgot to tel your Lordship:
To day as I came by I called there,
1050But I shall grieue you to report the rest.
Yorke What ist knaue?
Seruingman An houre before I came the Dutchesse died.
Yorke God for his mercy, what a tide of woes
Comes rushing on this wofull land at once!
1055I know not what to do: I would to God,
(So my vntruth had not prouokt him to it)
The King had cut off my head with my brothers.
What are there no Posts dispatcht for Ireland?
How shal we do for money for these wars?
1060Come sister, cousin I would say, pray pardon me:
Go fellow get thee home, prouide some cartes,
And bring away the armour that is there.
Gentlemen, will you go muster men?
If I know how or which way to order these affayres
1065Thus disorderly thrust into my hands,
Neuer beleeue me: both are my kinsmen,
Tone is my soueraigne, whom both my oath
And duety bids defend; tother againe
Is my kinsman, whom the King hath wrongd,
1070Whom conscience, and my kinred bids to right.
Wel somewhat we must do: Come cousin,
Ile dispose of you: Gentlemen, go muster vp your men,
And meete me presently at Barkly:
I should to Plashie too, but time wil not permit: