Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Donald L. Bailey
Peer Reviewed

Othello (Quarto 1, 1622)

The Moore of Venice.

3145Iag. What's the matter.
Grat. This is Othello's Ancient, as I take it.
Lod. The same indeed, a very valiant fellow.
Iag. What are you here, that cry so greeuously?
Cas. Iago, O I am spoil'd, vndone by villaines,
3150Giue me some helpe.
Iag. O my Leiutenant: what villaines haue done this?
Cas I thinke the one of them is heere about,
And cannot make away.
3155Iag. O treacherous villaines:
What are you there? come in and giue some helpe.
Rod. O, helpe me here.
Cas. That's one of em.
Iag. O murderous slaue, O villaine.
3160Rod. O dambd Iago, O inhumaine dog, --o, o, o.
Ia. Kill him i'the dark? where be those bloody theeues?
How silent is this Towne? Ho, murder, murder:
What may you be, are you of good or euill?
3165Lod. As you shall proue vs, praise vs.
Iag. Seignior Lodouico.
Lod. He sir.
Iag. I cry you mercy: here's Cassio hurt by villaines.
Grat. Cassio.
3170Iag. How is it brother?
Cas. My leg is cut in two.
Iag. Mary heauen forbid:
Light Gentlemen, I'le bind it with my shirt.
Enter Bianca.
3175Bian. What is the matter ho, who ist that cried?
Iag. Who ist that cried.
Bian. O my deare Cassio, O my sweete Cassio, Cassio, Cassio.
Iag. O notable strumpet: Cassio may you suspect
3180Who they should be, that thus haue mangled you?
Cas. No.
Gra. I am sorry to find you thus, I haue bin to seeke you.
Bian. Alas he faints, O Cassio, Cassio, Cassio.
Iag. Gentlemen all, I doe suspect this trash
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