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Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Donald L. Bailey
Peer Reviewed

Othello (Quarto 1, 1622)

The Tragedy of Othello

And rather, as it seemes to me, thou keepest from me,
All conueniency, then suppliest me, with the least
2895Aduantage of hope: I will indeed no longer indure it,
2895Nor am I yet perswaded to put vp in peace, what already
I haue foolishly sufferd.
Iag. Will you heare me Roderigo?
Rod. Faith I haue heard too much, for your words,
2900And performance are no kin together.
Iag. You charge me most vniustly.
Rod. I haue wasted my selfe out of meanes: the Iewels you haue
had from me, to deliuer to Desdemona, would halfe haue corrupted
2905a Votarist: you haue told me she has receiu'd em, and return'd mee
2905expectation, and comforts, of suddaine respect, and acquittance, but
I finde none.
Iag. Well, goe to, very good.
Rod. Very well, goe to, I cannot goe to man, it is not very well,
2910by this hand, I say tis very scuruy, and begin to finde my selfe fopt
in it.
Iag. Very well.
Rod. I say it is not very well: I will make my selfe knowne to
Desdemona, if she will returne me my Iewels, I will giue ouer my
2915suite, and repent my vnlawfull sollicitation, if not, assure your selfe
I'le seeke satisfaction of you.
Iag. You haue said now.
Rod. I, and I haue said nothing, but what I protest entendment
2920of doing.
Iag. Why now I see there's mettle in thee, and euen from this
time doe build on thee, a better opinion then euer before, giue me
thy hand Roderigo: Thou hast taken against me a most iust concep-
2925tion, but yet I protest, I haue delt most directly in thy affaires.
Rod. It hath not appeared.
Iag. I grant indeed it hath not appear'd, and your suspition is
not without wit and iudgement: But Roderigo, if thou hast that
2930within thee indeed, which I haue greater reason to beleeue now,
then euer, I meane purpose, courage, and valour, this night shew it, if
thou the next night following enioyest not Desdemona, take mee
from this world with treachery, and deuise engines for my life.