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Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Donald L. Bailey
Peer Reviewed

Othello (Quarto 1, 1622)

The Tragedy of Othello

Oth. But this deuoted a fore-gone conclusion,
Iag. Tis a shrewd doubt, tho it be but a dreame,
And this may helpe to thicken other proofes,
That doe demonstrate thinly.
2080Oth. I'le teare her all to peeces.
Iag. Nay, but be wise, yet we see nothing done,
She may be honest yet, tell me but this,
Haue you not sometimes seene a handkercher,
Spotted with strawberries in your wiues hand.
2085Oth. I gaue her such a one, twas my first gift.
Iag. I know not that, but such a handkercher,
I am sure it was your wiues, did I to day
See Cassio wipe his beard with.
Oth. If't be that.
2090Iag. If it be that, or any, it was hers,
It speakes against her, with the other proofes.
Oth. O that the slaue had forty thousand liues,
One is too poore, too weake for my reuenge:
Now doe I see tis time, looke here Iago,
2095All my fond loue, thus doe I blow to heauen, -- tis gone.
Arise blacke vengeance, from thy hollow Cell,
Yeeld vp O loue thy crowne, and harted Throne,
To tirranous hate, swell bosome with thy fraught,
For tis of Aspecks tongues.
2100Iag. Pray be content.
he kneeles.
Oth. O blood, Iago, blood.
Iag. Patience I say, your mind perhaps may change.
Oth. Neuer:
In the due reuerence of a sacred vow,
I here ingage my words.
Iag. Doe not rise yet:
Witnesse you euer-burning lights aboue,
2115You Elements that clip vs round about,
Iago kneeles.
Witnesse that here, Iago doth giue vp
The excellency of his wit, hand, heart,
To wrong'd Othello's seruice: let him command,
And to obey, shall be remorce,