Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Donald L. Bailey
Peer Reviewed

Othello (Quarto 1, 1622)

the Moore of Venice.

Were it my Qu. to fight, I should haue knowne it,
Without a prompter, where will you that I goe,
And answer this your charge?
305Bra. To prison till fit time
Of Law, and course of direct Session,
Call thee to answer.
Oth. What if I doe obey,
How may the Duke be therewith satisfied,
310Whose Messengers are heere about my side,
Vpon some present businesse of the State,
To beare me to him.
Officer. Tis true most worthy Seignior,
The Duke's in Councell, and your noble selfe,
315I am sure is sent for.
Bra. How? the Duke in Councell?
In this time of the night? bring him away,
Mine's not an idle cause, the Duke himselfe,
Or any of my Brothers of the State,
320Cannot but feele this wrong, as twere their owne.
For if such actions, may haue passage free,
Bondslaues, and Pagans, shal our Statesmen be.

Enter Duke and Senators, set at a Table with lights
and Attendants.
325Duke. There is no Composition in these newes,
That giues them credit.
1 Sena. Indeede they are disproportioned,
My letters say, a hundred and seuen Gallies.
Du. And mine a hundred and forty.
3302 Sena. And mine two hundred:
But though they iumpe not on a iust account,
As in these cases, where they aym'd reports,
Tis oft with difference, yet doe they all confirme
A Turkish fleete, and bearing vp to Cipresse.
335Du. Nay, it is possible enough to iudgement:
I doe not so secure me to the error,
But the mayne Articles I doe approue