Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: James D. Mardock
Peer Reviewed

Henry V (Quarto 1, 1600)

of Henry the fift.
So hath he sworne the like to me.
K. How think you Flewellen, is it lawfull he keep his oath?
2662.1Fl. And it please your majesty, tis lawful he keep his vow.
If he be periur'd once, he is as arrant a beggerly knaue,
As treads vpon too blacke shues.
Kin. His enemy may be a gentleman of worth.
Flew. And if he be as good a gentleman as Lucifer
And Belzebub, and the diuel himselfe,
Tis meete he keepe his vowe.
Kin. Well sirrha keep your word.
Vnder what Captain seruest thou?
Soul. Vnder Captaine Gower.
Flew. Captaine Gower is a good Captaine:
2680And hath good littrature in the warres.
Kin. Go call him hither.
Soul. I will my Lord.
Exit souldier.

Kin. Captain Flewellen, when Alonson and I was
2685Downe together, I tooke this gloue off from his helmet,
Here Flewellen, weare it. If any do challenge it,
He is a friend of Alonsons,
And an enemy to mee.
Fle. Your maiestie doth me as great a fauour
As can be desired in the harts of his subiects.
2690I would see that man now that should chalenge this gloue:
And it please God of his grace. I would but see him,
That is all.
Kin. Flewellen knowst thou Captaine Gower?
2695Fle. Captaine Gower is my friend.
2695And if it like your maiestie, I know him very well.
Kin. Go call him hither.
Flew. I will and it shall please your maiestie.
2700Kin. Follow Flewellen closely at the heeles,
The gloue he weares, it was the souldiers:
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