Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: James D. Mardock
Peer Reviewed

Henry V (Quarto 1, 1600)

of Henry the fift.
Tis so strange, that tho the truth doth showe as grose
As black from white, mine eye wil scarcely see it.
Their faults are open, arrest them to the answer of the lawe,
And God acquit them of their practises.
Exe. I arrest thee of high treason,
By the name of Richard, Earle of Cambridge.
I arest thee of high treason,
By the name of Henry, Lord of Masham.
I arest thee of high treason,
By the name of Thomas Gray, knight of Northumberland.
780Mash. Our purposes God iustly hath discouered,
And I repent my fault more then my death,
Which I beseech your maiestie forgiue,
Altho my body pay the price of it.
795King. God quit you in his mercy. Heare your sentence.
You haue conspired against our royall person,
Ioyned with an enemy proclaimed and fixed.
And frō his coffers receiued the golden earnest of our death
Touching our person we seeke no redresse.
But we our kingdomes safetie must so tender
805Whose ruine you haue sought,
805That to our lawes we do deliuer you.
Get ye therefore hence: poore miserable creatures to your
The taste whereof, God in his mercy giue you
Patience to endure, and true repentance of all your deeds
810Beare them hence.
Exit three Lords.
Now Lords to France. The enterprise whereof,
Shall be to you as vs, successiuely.
Since God cut off this dangerous treason lurking in our way
Cheerly to sea, the signes of war aduance:
No King of England, if not King of France.

Exit omnes.