Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: James D. Mardock
Peer Reviewed

Henry V (Quarto 1, 1600)

The Chronicle Historie
601.1Nim. I shall haue my eight shillings I wonne of you at
605Pist. A noble shalt thou haue, and readie pay,
605And liquor likewise will giue to thee,
And friendship shall combind and brotherhood:
Ile liue by Nim as Nim shall liue by me:
Is not this iust? for I shall Sutler be
Vnto the Campe, and profit will occrue.
Nim. I shall haue my noble?
Pist. In cash most truly paid.
Nim. Why theres the humour of it.

Enter Hostes.
615Hostes. As euer you came of men come in,
Sir Iohn poore soule is so troubled
With a burning tashan contigian feuer, tis wonderfull.
625Pist. Let us condoll the knight: for lamkins we will liue.
Exeunt omnes.
Enter Exeter and Gloster.

Glost. Before God my Lord, his Grace is too bold to trust
these traytors.
Exe. They shalbe apprehended by and by.
635Glost. I but the man that was his bedfellow
Whom he hath cloyed and graced with princely fauours
That he should for a forraine purse, to sell
His Soueraignes life to death and trechery.
638.1Exe. O the Lord of Massham.

Enter the King and three Lords.

King. Now sirs the windes faire, and we wil aboord;
My Lord of Cambridge, and my Lord of Massham,
And you my gentle Knight, giue me your thoughts,
Do you not thinke the power we beare with vs,
645Will make vs conquerors in the field of France?
Massha. No doubt my Liege, if each man do his best.
Cam. Neuer