Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: James D. Mardock
Peer Reviewed

Henry V (Quarto 1, 1600)

of Henry the fift.
Rapier in faire termes. If you will walke off a little,
560Ile prick your guts a litle in good termes,
And theres the humour of it.
Pist. O braggard vile, and damned furious wight,
The Graue doth gape, and groaning
Death is neare, therefore exall.
They drawe.
565Bar. Heare me, he that strikes the first blow,
Ile kill him, as I am a souldier.
Pist. An oath of mickle might, and fury shall abate.
Nim. Ile cut your throat at one time or an other in faire
And theres the humor of it.
Pist. Couple gorge is the word, I thee defie agen:
A damned hound, thinkst thou my spouse to get?
575No, to the powdering tub of infamy,
Fetch forth the lazar kite of Cresides kinde,
Doll Tear-sheete, she by name, and her espowse
I haue, and I will hold, the quandom quickly,
For the onely she and Paco, there it is inough.
Enter the Boy.
Boy. Hostes you must come straight to my maister,
And you Host Pistoll. Good Bardolfe
Put thy nose between the sheets, and do the office of a

Host. By my troath heele yeeld the crow a pudding one

586.1Ile go to him, husband youle come?
Bar. Come Pistoll be friends.
Nim prithee be friends, and if thou wilt not be
Enemies with me too.
Ni. I shal haue my eight shillings I woon of you at beating?
Pist. Base is the slaue that payes.
Nim. That now I will haue, and theres the humor of it.
Pist. As manhood shall compound.
They draw.
Bar. He that strikes the first blow,
600Ile kill him by this sword.
Pist. Sword is an oath, and oathes must haue their course.
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