Internet Shakespeare Editions

[Scene 17]
Enter John Cobbler, and Robin Pewterer.
Robin Now, John Cobbler, didst thou see how the king did behave himself?
John But, Robin, didst thou see what a policy 1405the king had? To see how the Frenchmen were killed with the stakes of the trees!
Robin Ay, John, there was a brave policy.
Enter an English Soldier, roaming.
Soldier What are you, my masters?
1410John and Robin Why, we be Englishmen.
Soldier Are you Englishmen? Then change your language, for the king's tents are set afire, and all they that speak English will be killed.
[Exit Soldier.]
John What shall we do, Robin? Faith, I'll shift, 1415for I can speak broken French.
Robin Faith, so can I. Let's hear how thou canst speak.
John Commodevales, Monsieur.
Robin That's well. Come, let's be gone.
Drum and trumpet sound.
[Exit John and Robin.]