Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Jennifer Forsyth
Peer Reviewed

Cymbeline (Folio 1, 1623)

Scena Tertia.
Enter Clotten, and two Lords.
1. Sir, I would aduise you to shift a Shirt; the Vio-
lence of Action hath made you reek as a Sacrifice: where
ayre comes out, ayre comes in: There's none abroad so
230wholesome as that you vent.
Clot. If my Shirt were bloody, then to shift it.
Haue I hurt him?
2 No faith: not so much as his patience.
1 Hurt him? His bodie's a passable Carkasse if he bee
235not hurt. It is a through-fare for Steele if it be not hurt.
2 His Steele was in debt, it went o'th'Backe-side the
Clot. The Villaine would not stand me.
2 No, but he fled forward still, toward your face.
2401 Stand you? you haue Land enough of your owne:
But he added to your hauing, gaue you some ground.
2 As many Inches, as you haue Oceans (Puppies.)
Clot. I would they had not come betweene vs.
2 So would I, till you had measur'd how long a Foole
245you were vpon the ground.
Clot. And that shee should loue this Fellow, and re-
fuse mee.
2 If it be a sin to make a true election, she is damn'd.
1 Sir, as I told you alwayes: her Beauty & her Braine
250go not together. Shee's a good signe, but I haue seene
small reflection of her wit.
2 She shines not vpon Fooles, least the reflection
Should hurt her.
Clot. Come, Ile to my Chamber: would there had
255beene some hurt done.
2 I wish not so, vnlesse it had bin the fall of an Asse,
which is no great hurt.
Clot. You'l go with vs?
1 Ile attend your Lordship.
260Clot. Nay come, let's go together.
2 Well my Lord.