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The Technical Development of the Internet Shakespeare Editions Site


The technical development of the site is similarly governed by two Directors: the Creative Director, responsible for the graphic design of the site, usability, and navigational concepts; and the Technical Director, responsible for ensuring reliable and sustainable information architecture and software development.

Servers and technical support

The website is supported by a computing infrastructure provided by various units within the University of Victoria: the Humanities Computing and Media Centre, Computing and System Services, and the Department of Computer Science. The site is run from a dedicated server, capable of handling both a development version and “live” version. Systems support and backup, both on and off site are provided.

Software and the development of Web applications. The Internet Shakespeare Editions uses Open Source software wherever possible. The site runs on Linux using Apache/Tomcat; separate applications deliver XML to the pipeline software Cocoon for delivery to the Web. Our programmers, advanced undergraduate or graduate students, often working Coop positions, have developed a set of interlinked applications for the separate sections of the site. It is our intention to make these applications available as Open Source for others as they mature. In all, there are seven interconnected Web applications, and some remaining static pages.

Without the ongoing contribution of our research students and computer programmers, the ISE would not have the same appeal relevancy in the 21st century. They bring a cutting-edge excitement and curiousity to their work with the ISE, as well as superior problem solving talents and an interdisciplinarity that enables us to enhance and showcase each new section’s development. Above all, these teams of students take great efforts to make sure the site stays easy to use and accessible for scholars and fellow students.

For a full list of student who have worked for the ISE, please visit this page.