Internet Shakespeare Editions

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Advisory Board in Technical Design and Implementation

Technical director

Michael Joyce, Webmaster, Student and Ancillary Services, University of Victoria

Michael Joyce is a web developer for Student and Ancillary Services at the University of Victoria, and a former programmer for the Internet Shakespeare Editions. He holds a BSc in Computer Science and Mathematics from the university where he has also been involved in projects that encourage environmental responsibility and social justice. He believes in the Open Source software model, and has contributed his time and code to some small open source projects.He has been doing web design and development for the Internet Shakespeare Editions since October, 2005 as a paid employee and more recently as a volunteer. He has mentored two recent programmers for the ISE, assisting them in setting up copies of the ISE on their own computers.

Board members

Mark R. Attisha, Sophos Inc.

Mark Attisha is an Area Vice President with Sophos Inc. with over twenty years of experience in the information technology industry. He joined Sophos in 2004 and served as Director of Technical Services, managing both the Professional Services Group and the Canadian Sales Engineering team. In addition to strong sales and marketing skills, Mark has demonstrated a broad range of managerial, technical and consulting abilities. Prior to joining Sophos, he worked in a variety of sales and marketing roles with Oracle Corporation Canada, as well as senior consulting roles with DMR Group Inc. (now Fujitsu Consulting). Mark holds a M.Sc. from Queen's University at Kingston, Ontario and a B.Sc. Honours from the University of British Columbia.

André Campos

Andre Campos holds a BENG in Computer Engineering at the University of Victoria. He is currently in Brazil where he became the IT Manager for Reck Aduaneira -- an international trading firm. His current projects include the development of custom applications and consulting. During his time at ISE, Andre worked on maintaining and extending the website. He spends his spare time practicing jiu-jitsu with his brother and playing soccer with his friends.

Alan Galey, Doctoral Student, University of Western Ontario

Alan Galey is Postdoctoral fellow at the University of Alberta, specializing in Renaissance drama, textual studies, and humanities computing. His Master's thesis, completed last year at the University of Victoria, is an electronic critical edition of The Taming of a Shrew, an anonymous 1594 quarto that is ambiguously related to Shakespeare's play. His research interests include the history of Shakespearean editing as it relates to interface design in electronic text, and more broadly, intersections of early modern knowledge technologies and twentieth century information culture.

Daniel German, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, University of Victoria

Daniel M. German is assistant professor at the University of Victoria, in Canada. His areas of research are the design of hypermedia applications, the formal specification of hypermedia and software systems, and the evolution of open source software. He obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Waterloo in 2000. His favorite play is Hamlet.

Darren Minifie, programmer, Internet Shakespeare Editions, University of Victoria

Darren received a B.Sc in Computer Science and Biochemistry in 2008.  Equipped with the skills he has acquired from the ISE, NSERC undergraduate research program, and various web development contracts, Darren will be attending Graduate studies at UVic in the M.Sc. program. His research interests include mobile devices, user interface design, and accessibiltiy software for persons with disabilities. When not in front of a computer monitor, Darren can be found playing his guitar somewhere around town.