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Shakespeare in Performance Team

The performance side of the ISE -- Shakespeare in Performance (SIP) -- is overseen by a team of experts. 

The General Performance Editor is responsible for the overall direction of SIP. She suggests, approves, and appoints other performance editors in consultation with the Coordinating Editors. She empowers performance editors in their work and works with the Coordinating Editors to update descriptions of their responsibilities. She  may call upon the Performance Editors (Practice) to introduce Regional Editors to theater companies. Our General Performance Editor is Alexa Alice Joubin.

The Theater Companies Liaisons liaise with theaters in regions where we do not have a regional editor, advise the ISE on benefits our Theater Company Friends will find most useful, help Regional Editors establish relationships with theater companies as necessary, represent the benefits of the ISE to theater practitioners when/as necessary, and encourage theaters to provide artifacts where copyright and Equity guidelines permit. We plan to have a Theater Companies Liaison for each of the following geographical areas: USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand, and Australia.

The Performance Criticism Editor liaises with Textual Editors about performance annotations in the editions, advises editors of plays on their performance annotations, and reviews (or arranges for peer review of) the Performance Essays in the editions.

The ISE Chronicle Editor is responsible for the ISE Chronicle, in particular for obtaining permission to ingest reviews from other sites/publications, assigning reviews of important productions in regions not covered by regional editors, vetting requests from contributors to become invited reviewers, liaising with regional editors about reviewing productions in their regions, writing and updating guidelines for the writing of reviews, and, if necessary, helping reviewers obtain reviewers’ tickets. Our ISE Chronicle Editor is Kevin Quarmby.

The ISE Film Editor maintains and updates the entries on Shakespeare on film and assigns reviews of new Shakespeare film adaptations, in conversation with the Performance Editor (Criticism).

The ISE Regional Editors enter data on productions in their area and write or delegate reviews for the ISE Chronicle in discussion with the ISE Chronicle Editor. See our list of current Regional Editors and a more detailed statement of their responsibilities.

We also plan to appoint a Performance Artifacts Curator who will oversee Regional Performance Artifacts Curators.