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February 2013

Please visit the latest issue of our newsletter, The Shakespeare Herald, for latest news on the site.

Three important items of news: we are launching a campaign to raise funds that will allow the site to become independent and financially sustainable, the site has been updated, with additional plays now fully edited and available, and the first plays from our editors will be appearing in distilled print versions from Broadview Press.

Towards a sustainable site

The University of Victoria, where this site is hosted, generously provides infrastructure support -- our servers and system support. But we need funding for continual updating of content on the site, and programming to keep us current and to enhance the services we can offer you as a vistor to the site.

We are undertaking a fundraising campaign, with the aim of creating an endowment that will ensure basic financial support in perpetuity. We aim to raise $1.5 million over a period of five years. Our initial campaign will be directed towards research libraries across North America and elsewhere. We are asking libraries to become "Friends of the ISE" by contributing membership fees. In becoming a Friend of the ISE, libraries will be ensuring that the high quality scholarly materials we offer will remain open not only to their own clients, but to students around the world. Read more . . .

We have also created a page from which individuals can make a donation -- small or large -- to keep the site open access. The Internet Shakespeare Editions is a non-profit organization, and the site is run by many volunteers, so that our overheads are minimal. Learn more about how we spend the money we need to keep the site running. And we thank you for your support in visiting us.

Version 2.5 of the ISE site has been released

The latest version of the site includes a number of enhancements, especially to the Plays and Poems. Our first fully edited plays now provide popup annotations and lists of variant readings; the title pages link to full introductory essays, and a wide range of supplementary documents that assist in an understanding of the plays.

The most recent publication is the fully edited version of Henry IV, Part One, edited by Rosemary Gaby. Three additional plays are close to completion: Twelfth Night (David Carnegie and Mark Houlahan), Henry V (James Mardock), and The Tempest (Paul Yachnin and Brent Whitted).

Soon to come: King John (Michael Best), The Winter's Tale (Hardin Aasand).

Two proposals for editions have been approved this last year:

  1. The Merchant of Venice (Janelle Jenstad)
  2. Henry IV, Part Two (Rosemary Gaby)

Two additional proposals, for Romeo and Juliet and Henry VIII, are currently under consideration.

Broadview editions

David Bevington's As You Like It is in print, and John Cox's Julius Caesar well on the way. Congratulations to both. Two plays are close to completion for final submission: Henry IV, Part One (Rosemary Gaby) and Twelfth Night (David Carnegie and Mark Houlahan). Two additional plays should be ready in April or May: Henry V (James Mardock) and The Tempest (Paul Yachnin and Brent Whitted).


Thanks, as always, are due to our Creative Director, Roberta Livingstone; our outstanding programmer, Maxwell Terpstra; and our indefatiguable Research Assistants Lindsay Gagel and Telka Duxbury.

The Humanities Computing and Media Centre at UVic and the University Libraries continue to provide invaluable system and infrastructure support.