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Recent updates

Henry V and The Winter's Tale have just been updated and peer reviewed. These editions of the plays come with full introductions, explanatory notes, and supplementary documents from the period to provide background for study on the play.

Our site in a nutshell

"I could be bounded in a nutshell and count myself a king of infinite space. . ." 

( Hamlet (Modern, Editor's Version) – Act 2, scene 2

Text. An international team of scholars is creating editions of Shakespeare's Plays and Poems designed specifically for the digital medium. Each play has a home page that links to pages from all areas of the site. 

Context. Shakespeare's Life and Times is a resource of over 1,000 pages for those interested in the context in which Shakespeare was writing. Explore his life, the stage he wrote for, and the intellectual and literary life of the Renaissance.

Performance. Actors re-create Shakespeare's plays hundreds of times each year in countries around the world. Our database of Shakespeare in Performance is a large and growing record of current and historical performances. You can also see reviews of some of these performances—and contribute your own—in the ISE Performance Chronicle.