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Future Plans for the Life and Times

Recently appointed Assistant Coordinating Editor for the ISE, Dr. Janelle Jenstad (University of Victoria), will be heading up a team of scholars to update and expand a popular section of the site—Shakespeare’s Life and Times. Dr. Jenstad directs the important scholarly website, The Map of Early Modern London, also hosted at the University of Victoria. The first updates to the Life and Times will begin to appear in May of this year, and will be continuous thereafter.


One of many woodcuts that illustrate the Life and Times section of the site, here illustrating the page on begging and vagrancy in Shakespeare's England.

Our Industrious Team


Telka Duxbury, Max Terpstra, and Jeremy Moseley at our Christmas lunch.

We are pleased to welcome two new Research Assistants and a programmer to our team. Jeremy Mosely, from the Computing Science Department at UVic, has headed up the creation of the version of our site optimized for mobile devices. Maddy Smith and Cameron Butt, undergraduates in the Department of English, are contributing expertise in digital entry of facsimiles, social networking, copy editing, and proofreading.

The senior members of our team include two graduate programmers and two graduate RAs. Maxwell Terpstra is our principal programmer, with Michael Joyce, now a professional programmer, as a highly-valued consultant. Lindsay Gagel, with us for many years as an RA, is now employed in Communications at UVic, and is in charge of the development of new websites on campus. Telka Duxbury is a graduate student in the Department of English, and is engaged in research on the edition of King Lear, as well as assisting in the Making Waves fundraising campaign.

We are fortunate to have such skilled and enthusiastic young people contributing to the project.

February 2013
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