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Shakespeare Around the Globe

General aim of the series

The aim of this series of essays is to introduce students and scholars to the way Shakespeare is understood, read, and performed in countries around the world.

Essays will be posted in the Library of the ISE site, in a special section devoted to the topic of Shakespeare Around the World.



Each essay in the series will be not normally be more than 6,000 words; the essay may be presented as a series of linked, shorter sub-essays, in keeping with the capacities of hypertext, in which case some additional length will be acceptable.

Topics to be covered

Actual topics to be covered will vary with each country, but the following list will constitute a guide:

Other topics may be of interest to the writer: Shakespeare in music or art in the country, for example.

Supporting materials


Contributors are encouraged to provide graphic illustrations of Shakespeare in performance (or other relevant graphic materials) where possible; copyright clearance must of course be obtained for items still under copyright. Graphics may be submitted either in hard copy for scanning by the ISE, or as JPG images, using a reasonably high quality option.


Most essays will have a brief bibliography for further reading.

Other materials

Other supporting materials (sound, video, etc.) may be posted as part of the essay, depending on negotiation with the Coordinating Editor.


In keeping with the general principles of the ISE, all contributors retain copyright on materials they have created. All items on the ISE site are made freely available for non-profit, educational purposes; all other uses must be negotiated with the author. Authors may choose to have their email addresses or home page as a part of the title page of their essay.

Peer review

Since the essays will be posted in the Library of the ISE site, all items will be peer reviewed.


All submissions should be electronic, in Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, or other format as approved by the Coordinating Editor. For graphics and other materials, see above. Please address all queries to