Internet Shakespeare Editions

Editorial Board

Coordinating Editor

Michael Best, University of Victoria

Associate Coordinating Editor

Janelle Jenstad, University of Victoria

General Textual Editors

Eric Rasmussen, University of Nevada, Reno
James Mardock, University of Nevada, Reno

Associate Textual Editor

Donald L. Bailey, Independent Scholar

Assistant Textual Editor

Jan Sewell, Open University

Performance Editor

Alexa Huang, George Washington University

Associate Performance Editor

Elizabeth Pentland, York University

Editors for Shakespeare's Life and Times (SLT 2.0)

Kate McPherson, Utah Valley University
Kathryn Moncrief, Washington College, Chestertown, Maryland

Scene Editor

Kevin Quarmby, Oxford College at Emory University

General Editorial Board:

David Bevington, University of Chicago
Rebecca Bushnell, University of Pennsylvania
Leonard Conolly, Trent University
Hardy Cook, Bowie State University
Anthony Dawson, University of British Columbia
Peter S. Donaldson, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Don Foster, Vassar College
John Gillies, University of Essex
Werner Habicht, University of Wuerzburg
Peter Holland, University of Notre Dame
Alexa Huang, George Washington University
John Jowett, Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham
Anne Lancashire, University of Toronto
Ian Lancashire, University of Toronto
Sonia Massai, King's College, London
Gordon McMullan, King's College, London
Helen Ostovich, McMaster University
Michael Warren, University of California, Santa Cruz
Paul Werstine, University of Western Ontario 

Consultant on Shakespeare performance in Québec

Jennifer Drouin, University of Alabama

Education Editor

Jeremy Ehrlich, Independent Scholar

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