Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: Anonymous
Editor: David Bevington
Not Peer Reviewed

Robin Hood and the Beggar

An old patched coat the beggar had on,
Which he daily did use for to wear,
And many a bag about him did wag,
25Which made Robin Hood to him repair.
"God speed, God speed," said Robin Hood,
"What countryman? Tell to me:"
I am Yorkshire, sir; but, ere you go far,
Some charity give unto me."
30"Why, what wouldst thou have?" said Robin Hood,
"I pray thee tell unto me."
"No lands nor livings," the beggar he said,
"But a penny for charity."
"I have no money," said Robin Hood then,
35"But, a ranger within the wood,
I am an outlaw, as many do know.
My name it is Robin Hood.
"But yet I must tell thee, bonny beggar,
That a bout with [thee] I must try.
40Thy coat of gray lay down, I say,
And my mantle of green shall lie by."