Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: Anonymous
Editor: David Bevington
Not Peer Reviewed

Robin Hood and the Beggar

But when to the gallows they did come,
There was many a weeping eye.
"Oh, hold your peace," said Robin then,
105"For certainly they shall not die."
Then Robin Hood he set his horn to his mouth,
And he blew but blastes three,
Till a hundred bold archers brave
Came kneeling down to his knee.
110"What is your will, master?" they said,
"We are here at your command."
"Shoot east, shoot west," said Robin Hood then,
"And look that you spare no man."
Then they shot east, and they shot west.
115Their arrows were so keen
The Sheriff, he and his company,
No longer must be seen.
Then he stepped to these brethren three,
And away he had them ta'en;
120And the Sheriff was crossed, and many a man lost,
That dead lay on the plain.