Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: Anonymous
Editor: David Bevington
Not Peer Reviewed

Robin Hood and the Beggar

As Robin he passed the streets along,
He heard a pitiful cry.
Three brethren dear, as he did hear,
85Condemnèd were to die.
Then Robin he hied to the Sheriff's [house],
Some relief for to seek.
He skipped and leaped and capered full high
As he went along the street.
90But when to the Sheriff's door he came,
There a gentleman fine and brave,
"Thou beggar," said he, "come tell unto me
What is it that thou wouldest have?"
"No meat nor drink," said Robin Hood then,
95"That I come here to crave,
But to beg the lives of yeomen three,
And that I fain would have."
"That cannot be, thou bold beggar,
Their fact it is so clear.
100I tell to thee, hanged they must be,
For stealing of our King's deer."