Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: Anonymous
Editor: David Bevington
Not Peer Reviewed

Robin Hood and the Beggar

"Nay, a change, a change," cried Robin Hood.
"Thy bags and coat give me,
And this mantle of mine I'll to thee resign,
65My horse and my bravery."
When Robin Hood had got the beggar's clothes,
He lookèd round about.
"Methinks," said he, "I seem to be
A beggar brave and stout.
70"For now I have a bag for my bread,
So have I another for corn;
I have one for salt, and another for malt,
And one for my little horn.
"And now I will a-begging go,
75Some charity for to find:"
And if any more of Robin you'll know,
In this second part it's behind.
Now Robin he is to Nottingham bound,
With his bags hanging down to his knee;
80His staff and his coat scarce worth a groat,
Yet merrily passèd he.