Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: Anonymous
Editor: David Bevington
Not Peer Reviewed

Robin Hood and the Beggar

"Content, content," the beggar he cried.
"Thy part it will be the worse;
For I hope this bout to give thee the rout,
45And then have at thy purse."
The beggar he had a mickle long staff,
And Robin had a nut-brown sword;
So the beggar drew nigh, and at Robin let fly,
But gave him never a word.
50"Fight on, fight on," said Robin Hood then,
"This game well pleaseth me."
For every blow that Robin did give
The beggar gave buffets three.
And fighting there full hard and sore,
55Not far from Nottingham town,
They never fled, till from Robin['s] head
The blood came trickling down.
"Oh, hold thy hand," said Robin Hood then,
"And thou and I will agree."
60"If that be true," the beggar he said,
"Thy mantle come give unto me."