Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Not Peer Reviewed

The Merry Wives of Windsor (Quarto 1, 1602)

A pleasant Comedie, of
Host. What ses my bully Rooke?
Speake schollerly and wisely.
Fal. Mine Host, I must turne away some of my
Host. Discard bully, Hercules cassire.
Let them wag, trot, trot.
Fal. I sit at ten pound a weeke.
Host. Thou art an Emperour sar, Phesser and
Kesar bully.
310Ile entertaine Bardolfe. He shall tap, he shall draw.
Said I well, bully Hector?
Fal. Do good mine Host.
Host. I haue spoke. Let him follow. Bardolfe
Let me see thee froth, and lyme. I am at
A word. Follow, follow.
Exit Host.
315Fal. Do Bardolfe, a Tapster is a good trade,
An old cloake will make a new Ierkin,
A withered seruingman, a fresh Tapster:
Follow him Bardolfe.
Bar. I will sir, Ile warrant you Ile make a good
shift to liue.
Exit Bardolfe.

Pis. O bace gongarian wight, wilt thou the spic-
ket willd?
319.1Nym. His minde is not heroick. And theres the
humor of it.
Fal. Well my Laddes, I am almost out at the
Pis. Why then let cybes insue.
328.1Nym. I thanke thee for that humor.