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Author: William Shakespeare
Not Peer Reviewed

The Merry Wives of Windsor (Quarto 1, 1602)

the merry Wives of Windsor.

Enter Maister Page.

Pa. Come, come Maister Slender, dinner staies for
Slen. I can eate no meate, I thanke you.
275Pa. You shall not choose I say.
Slen. Ile follow you sir, pray leade the way.
Nay be God misteris Anne, you shall goe first,
I haue more manners then so, I hope.
281.1An. Well sir, I will not be troublesome.
Exit omnes.

Enter sir Hugh and Simple, from dinner.

Sir Hu. Hark you Simple, pray you beare this letter
to Doctor Cayus house, the French Doctor. He is
288.1twell vp along the street, and enquire of his house
for one mistris Quickly, his woman, or his try nurse,
and deliuer this Letter to her, it tis about Maister
293.1Slender. Looke you, will you do it now?
Sim. I warrant you Sir.
Sir Hu. Pray you do, I must not be absent at the
I will goe make an end of my dinner,
There is pepions and cheese behinde.
Exit omnes.

Enter sir Iohn Falstaffes Host of the Garter,
300Nym, Bardolfe, Pistoll, and the boy.

Fal. Mine Host of the Garter.