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Author: William Shakespeare
Not Peer Reviewed

The Merry Wives of Windsor (Quarto 1, 1602)

the merry Wives of Windsor.
Fal. What say you to this Pistoll?
150Pist. Sir Iohn, and Maister mine, I combat craue
150Of this same laten bilbo. I do retort the lie
150.1Euen in thy gorge, thy gorge, thy gorge.
Slen. By this light it was he then.
153.1Nym. Syr my honor is not for many words,
155But if you run bace humors of me,
I will say mary trap. And there's the humor of it.
Fal. You heare these matters denide gentlemẽ,
You heare it.

Enter Mistresse Foord, Mistresse Page, and her
daughter Anne.

Pa. No more now,
I thinke it be almost dinner time,
173.5For my wife is come to meet vs.
Fal. Mistresse Foord, I thinke your name is,
If I mistake not.
Syr Iohn kisses her.
Mis. Ford. Your mistake sir is nothing but in the
173.10Mistresse. But my husbands name is Foord sir.
Fal. I shall desire your more acquaintance.
The like of you good misteris Page.
Mis. Pa. With all my hart sir Iohn.
Come husband will you goe?
173.15Dinner staies for vs.
Pa. With all my hart, come along Gentlemen.

Exit all, but Slender and
mistresse Anne.