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Author: William Shakespeare
Not Peer Reviewed

The Merry Wives of Windsor (Quarto 1, 1602)

A pleasant Comedie, of
And then to make a period to the Iest,
Tell Falstaffe all, I thinke this will do best.
2170Pa. Tis excellent, and my daughter Anne,
2170.1Shall like a litle Fayrie be disguised.
Mis. Pa. And in that Maske Ile make the Doctor
steale my daughter An, & ere my husband knowes
it, to carrie her to Church, and marrie her.
2170.5Mis. For. But who will buy the silkes to tyre the
Pa. That will I do, and in a robe of white
2200Ile cloath my daughter, and aduertife Slender
To know her by that signe, and steale her thence,
2201.1And vnknowne to my wife, shall marrie her.
Hu. So kad vdge me the deuises is excellent.
I will also be there, and be like a Iackanapes,
2192.1And pinch him most cruelly for his lecheries.
Mis. Pa. Why then we are reuenged sufficiently.
First he was carried and throwne in the Thames,
Next beaten well, I am sure youle witnes that.
2192.5Mi. For. Ile lay my life this makes him nothing fat.
Pa. Well lets about this stratagem, I long
To see deceit deceiued, and wrong haue wrong.
For, Well send to Falstaffe, and if he come thither,
Twill make vs smile and laugh one moneth togi-
Exit omnes.
Enter Host and Simple.
2220Host. What would thou haue boore, what thick-
Speake, breath, discus, short, quick, briefe, snap.
Sim. Sir, I am sent frõ my M. to sir Iohn Falstaffe.
2225Host. Sir Iohn, theres his Castle, his standing bed,
his trundle bed, his chamber is painted about with
the story of the prodigall, fresh and new, go knock,
heele speak like an Antripophiginian to thee: