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Author: William Shakespeare
Not Peer Reviewed

The Merry Wives of Windsor (Quarto 1, 1602)

A pleasant Comedie, of
Is brought to passe vnder the colour of fortune-
Telling. Come downe you witch, come downe.
Enter Falstaffe disguised like an old woman, and mi-
steris Page with him, Ford beates him, and hee
runnes away.
Away you witch get you gone.
2075Sir Hu. By Ieshu I verily thinke she is a witch
I espied vnder her mufler a great beard.
2076.1Ford. Pray come helpe me to search, pray now.
Pa. Come weele go for his minds sake.
Exit omnes.
Mi. For. By my troth he beat him most extreamly.
2083.1Mi. Pa. I am glad of it, what shall we proceed any
2095Mi. For. No faith, now if you will let vs tell our
2095.1husbands of it. For mine I am sure hath almost fret-
ted himselfe to death.
Mi. Pa. Content, come weele goe tell them all,
And as they agree, so will we proceed.
Exit both.
Enter Host and Bardolfe.
Bar. Syr heere be three Gentlemen come from
2110the Duke the Stanger sir, would haue your horse.
Host. The Duke, what Duke? let me speake with
the Gentlemen, do they speake English?
2115Bar. Ile call them to you sir.
Host. No Bardolfe, let them alone, Ile sauce them:
They haue had my house a weeke at command,
I haue turned away my other guesse,
They shall haue my horses Bardolfe,
They must come off, Ile sawce them.
Exit omnes.
Enter Ford, Page, their wiues, Shallow, and Slen-
der. Syr Hu.